Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing to effectively secure your property

A flexible and affordable fencing option, chain link fencing can be installed on many projects, including residential sites, commercial sites or educational facilities. 

The woven steel wire mesh used in the construction of this kind of fencing offers outstanding durability and security and is most commonly used as perimeter fencing.

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Why choose Golden Larch Contracting?

We’ve worked on projects that span almost the entirety of the South Coast, and continue to excel in providing chain link fencing contractors that go above and beyond the high standards we set ourselves.

Our team continues to expand, with our team members working every day alongside housebuilders, commercial clients, councils, property developers and education centres.

We pride ourselves on our experience, professionalism and expertise. With every project we undertake, our clients benefit from these attributes and can expect a fantastic end result when they choose Golden Larch Contracting.

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Got a question?

Is chain link fencing a cost effective option?

It can be for the right application. Usually, mesh fencing systems are cheaper to supply and install, stronger and are easier to maintain.

What is the lifespan of a chain link fence?

Our chain link fences can be expected to last up to 35 -50 years. If there is a need for the replacement of a small section, this can be easily completed by our team without having to install the whole fencing.

This is a long-term, cost-effective solution for those who want security that lasts.

Which lasts longer, chain link or wood fence?

Chain link can be expected to last longer than timber fencing, but it all depends on how well it is looked after.

Wood fencing requires much more maintenance than chain link, and therefore often needs replacing sooner.

Does chain link fence need concrete?

Not always, but it is usually recommended. When investing in security fencing like a chain link, we need to ensure your property is adequately protected for the long term.

We can discuss your requirements to go through how we can help in further detail.

What is the advantage of chain link fence?

Chain link fence is affordable, long-lasting and does a great job in offering an increased level of security for your property.

Do you use your own materials?

Yes. We use materials from our Southampton and Salisbury yards that are ordered from preferred suppliers to guarantee quality within our work.



The majority of our projects are in the central South Coast area, including all of Hampshire – Southampton, Portsmouth, Andover, Basingstoke and Winchester as well as Salisbury and Bournemouth.

For larger projects we often cover a wider area from the West of Dorset, into Berkshire and West Sussex.

We run our own fleet of vehicles, including lorries and our own plant, so we can operate effectively in any location.

Golden Larch Contracting: Chain Link Fencing Specialists

Our fencing contractors install chain link fencing for clients that want to secure their premises, keeping unwanted visitors out and providing a safe space for those within the area. It’s a great solution for large areas that require a heavy-duty solution, where traditional timber fencing may not be strong enough.

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